Easy Video Club

Growing Collection
With Easy Video club you get access to a growing collection of video assets that can enhance your video making and marketing efforts. They update the collection on a regular and frequent basis to keep you supplied with what you need to make stunning videos and speed up your video creation efforts.

Video templates can dramatically speed up your video making process as well as increase the quality of your production setting you apart from other video makers. A template can get you started more rapidly and inspire you to make a better video than you otherwise would which a priceless advantage when you need to create lots of cutting edge content that fickle video viewers demand. You need every advantage to succeed with your videos and having access to an updated database of templates can you give you that edge you need.

You’ve probably been there before, you have a great video, you compiled fantastic slides, the intro is solid, you’re nearly done but you need that one last step to get your video finished and out there getting you sales and growing your audience. But you need just one more thing, you need a good sound track, you can steal someone’s song and get a copyright violation issue, or you can purchase a song to use on your video that costs nearly as much as the monthly cost of Easy Video Club alone. But Easy video club makes this easy for you, you can simply choose form a collection of high quality, engaging music to add to your awesome video and get moving on with your business after creating a fantastic video in record time.

Video Loops
Creating a great slide show and script for you video may not be enough to keep the viewer engaged with your video, some times you need a background, a loop of animated content that keeps the eyes of the viewer engaged and paying attention with their eyeballs to your video. Easy video club keeps you well supplied with video loop backgrounds in stunning colors and shapes that will keep they eyes on your video and not on the skip button. This can be a very valuable asset to your video marketing efforts, you need every advantage you can get in the dog eat dog world of video marketing, anything that can give you and edge and make your video more interesting and visually appealing is a must in your video toolkit.

Video Overlays
In addition to video background loops that provide eye catching content enhancement to your videos, Video overlays are another powerful asset that can make your video better, more appealing, more professional than your competition. Video overlays add a layer of “woosh” factor you may have noticed on major news channels use on a minute by minute basis that keep their viewers on the channel in the extremely competitive world of cable news where viewers can flick a remote and move on to the next channel leaving the loser behind. They spend vast sums of money to create content that keeps viewers on their channel and keeping their ratings high where they need to be for the business to survive. When you can have access to the same type of video enhancements, you have the power to create videos that beat your competition and keep the viewers where you want them, on your video.

In today’s world of computer technology, stunning animations have become a staple of video content creation to grab the attention of the viewer and keep them watching the video, TV, movie content. Animations existed log before computers using scene by scene drawings often called cartoons that took a team of artists working around the clock to create at great expense.

As computers were developed they slowly took over animation creation to the point where nearly all animation is done on a computer setup instead of drawing the pictures on paper or boards. While Computers have reduced the price of animations, they also produce more intensive, complex animations to the point where a team of animators is still required to make the best of the best, while you won’t be matching that level of production with a smaller setup, you can still harness the power of animations to engage your viewers and keep them watching your video with the overlay animations included with Easy Video Club.

Easy Video Club Features

  • Regularly Updated Library Of Content
  • Video Animated Overlays
  • Easy Tracks Music tracks
  • Easy Video Loops
  • Spark Overlay Pack
  • Easy Video Lab Lite Software
  • Video Joiner Software
  • Easy Audio Lab Software

    So with Easy Video Club you get the tools you need to create stunning, engaging, professional videos you can then use to promote your business, marketing of products, gaining customers and have a competitive edge over your competition. The collection of animated overlays, music tracks, video loops put you ahead of any other video marketer that lacks these tools, you’ll be ahead of your competition in ways they won’t even know about, more importantly you be able to create the videos you need to be successful with video marketing, this is a very tough business where new videos are uploaded every second and you need to stand out, looking more professional and engaging than your competition.

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