Stock Video

Stock video can speed up your video creation dramatically  When you have access to pre made video you can use it as part of your overall video creation and production.   Often having a source of stock video can help the creative process by creating a backdrop or setting a the scene for your videos.


Royalty Free

You need to be sure you are using royalty free video and there are no copyright issues, this is essential for legal reasons.  So be sure when you use stock video you have obtained it from a source that is both royalty free and you have the rights to use the video for your purposes.





There are many sources for stock video, you can do a google search and find there are websites like shutterstock and pond5. While these are great sources for royalty free stock video, the cost can be too high for many video producers.  They tend to charge a high amount for even one video.  If want to create a high number of videos you need a more cost effective source.




Lifetime Membership Stock Photo

Lifetime membership in a stock video site is the best way to have access to a high amount of video content.  When you have lifetime membership you have no monthly costs and you can use stock video without paying per video costs that other stock video sources charge.  So would you like to stop paying for royalty free high quality 4k and HD video to use for backgrounds and footage?


Lifetime Stock Video could be the last stock video source you’ll ever have to buy. Many customers have stopped paying $10 – $200 for every royalty free video instead they pay just once for unlimited 24/7 year round access to over one thousand 4K & HD royalty free videos.

At this time they also 75 new 4K videos every month.


There are literally millions of video creators that think buying individual videos for $10 – $200 each is the only way to get royalty free stock videos.

If you are you one of the endless stream of video makers who has paid between $10 and $199 per stock video you use? You don’t need to be embarrassed about it – for the longest time, this was to the only way for most people to source stock video backgrounds & stock video footage. But things have changed for the better.

Most stock video providers have always charged very high per video price. Their royalty free stock video background and footage pricing is absolutely nuts. Sometimes it can cost up to $199  for just one video. This is because there were no other sources for your stock video needs, but not anymore.

Do your videos lack difference in background and style? Are you using just one video background and footage you bought a few years ago for all of your projects?  Do you have to reuse and recycle your video assets because you can’t afford new stock video at high prices ? Well you need Lifetime Stock Video.

Won’t it be great to know that once you join the Lifetime Stock Video membership club you pay only once then, the renewal will be $0.00… Forever? Every month you’ll be saving hundreds on your stock video fees. Priced under 7¢ per video in a one time payment. This is money in the bank for video creators every month.


With Lifetime Stock Video you can use all of the HD stock videos with all the best video creation solutions including:

  • Explaindo
  • Easysketch Pro 
  • Videomaker FX
  • Easy VSL
  • VideoScribe
  • Camtaisia
  • Vidgeos
  • Power Point
  • AVID
  • Screen Flow
  • and much more…

It has been reported that 62% of consumers are more likely to have a bad perception when a brand uses a poor quality video to market their products.  Businesses using video for marketing purposes can grow company revenue 49% faster per year than organizations that are not using video to market their products and services.

Social video marketing can generate 1200% more shares than just text or images, even combined.  Video marketing creates an over 150% increase in free organic traffic from the major search engines when compared to non-video traffic.  74% of millennials use video and video reviews when comparison shopping. 40% of consumers state that a good video increases the chances they will decide purchase a product on mobile platforms.


Video strongly promotes brand recall in the most effective way currently. Video marketing will often boost your website’s SEO SERP (Search Engine Results Pages ) presence. Video marketing can act to strengthen your brand message and reach. Video content spreads on social media faster because of the nature of consumers today.


HD videos Dominate YouTube 

A YouTube Engineering and Developers Blog 2016 post says “A look into YouTube’s video file anatomy”,they found at the time that 26% of videos being posted to youtube are in HD format and and even lower number, under 1% of all videos  posted use 4K (only 0.32% )

This is your opportunity to get a head of the competition via YouTube.The tools you need to achieve this are here for a very low one time price.

You Can Use the Lifetime Stock Videos collection on any Video Creation project.
  • Explainer Type Videos
  • JV Partner Launch Videos
  • Videos for Special Offer
  • Video Testimonials 
  • Videos for Affiliate Review 
  • Real Estate Marketing
  • Video Intros
  • Video Outros
  • Videos for Lead Generation 
  • Call To Actions ( buy now, opt in etc..)
  • Tutorials
  • Powerful Promotional Intros
  • Corporate Branding Videos
  • Lead Generation/CPA Videos
  • Any Type of Sale Videos