Stop Motion


Stop Motion Videos


Videos are now the number one means of marketing you’ll find that it is very difficult to get attention from your target audience if you’re only using the same old boring slide show videos. While it was fairly simple to capture people’s attention a few years ago using pretty much any type of video, this is no longer the case these days. Everyone else is using videos so you have to find ways to stand out above the crowd with your videos. In addition to that, most people’s span of attention these days are down to nano seconds so you only have a short time to get them give attention to  your content and tell your story quickly.


Short Attention Spans

In the current era of web video here are some astounding figures:

  • At the 10 second mark, 20% of viewers will close the video

  • At the 30 second mark nearly 1/3 of the original viewers, won’t be watching the video anymore.

  • At the one minute mark, 45% of the viewers are gone.

  • At the two minute mark, Nearly 60% of the viewers dissappear.


So with this in mind, you can see how import it is to grab the attention of your viewers quickly and decisively.



This is why you need stop motion video in your marketing toolkit, this way you can capture you’re viewer’s attention fast, get you message across and show the process in a matter of a few seconds. This has the effect of turning a tire kicking audience into motivated buyers.  You can make your promo videos more interesting by adding stop motion video.

Top Brands Use Stop Motion

Today’s top brands like starbucks and MnMs are using stop motion to capture their audience in a fast paced short attention span social media environment.  You don’t have to leave it just to them, you can use stop motion in your own videos to harness this power.


Stop Motion Is Time Consuming

If  you’ve ever tried to create stop motion video you’ll know how difficult and time consuming it can be.  You could spend all day just creating a few seconds worth of content, this is why many never even start the process of creating stop motion video, they have neither the time nor the skills to complete a simple 15 second stop motion video.




But There Is A Solution


You can now purchase your own collection of eye popping, attention grabbing stop motion video for your projects.  When you get Stop Motion Xpress, you’ll have a new tool in your marketing tool box ready to go.

  • High Quality Stop Motion Clips
  • Full HD (1920 X 1080) Resolution
  • MP4 (The Industry Standard Format)
  • Compatible With Most of The Popular Video Creation Tools (Camtasia, Explaindio, VideoMakerFX, Video Builder, PowerPoint, Keynote, VideoShop, Etc…)

With the Stop Motion Xpress stop motion video collection, you can drag and drop ready made, high quality stop motion clips into your video projects, bringing them to life and adding a whole new dimension to your videos.  Also included is a bonus training course  on using these videos in your own Facebook advertising campaigns.


Amazingly Low Cost


If you’ve ever shopped for stop motion video clips on sites like pond5 or shutterstock you will see most clips have very high prices, even as high as $79 dollars.  This is why stop motion xpress is an incredible value costing a small fraction when you compare prices.


Imagine being able to rapidly create powerful attention grabbing videos, this is possible when you have a collection of ready made stock video clips ready to be used in all of your marketing videos.  Don’t wait, grab your collection as soon as you can to get in on this new opportunity!