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Pay Just Once
If you’ve used sites like POND5 or iStock, or ShutterStock you’ve probably had to pay a large amount of money just to use one or two videos in a limited scope. With Stockocity 2 you pay just once and get full membership access to regularly updated, Royalty Free FHD video content for your video creation, development, marketing productions. This can save you thousands of dollars over a two year period and open the door for you to high quality video production value that previously was out of reach. The one time payment will grant you access indefinably, no new fees, no hidden charges, you get access to Stockocity 2’s organized, detailed easy to navigate library where you can quickly find the video asset you’re looking for to get your video production done fast and high quality.


Stockocity 2 FHD Royalty Free Video Collection

FHD Royalty Free Videos
The collection you get access too with your Stockocity 2 membership gives you mega high quality FHD (Full High Definition) videos with no royalty agreements to be worried about. This means you can use the videos in your productions without worries about copyright violations, take downs of your videos from sites like you tube and frees you to make the high quality productions you always wanted to make but never before had the access to the video assets that create such high quality productions. Having FHD videos ion your productions will set you apart from the low quality video creators that flood the web with un watchable, no engaging video content nobody wants to see, you will be above the competition and that can make the difference between success and failure in the highly competitive world of video marketing.

Stockocity 2 from Light Speed on Vimeo.

Works With Your Video Software
No matter what tools you use to create videos, the FHD formatted, royalty free assets in the Stockocity 2 collection will be able to import and integrate into your productions seamlessly. This is because Stockocity 2 uses standard FHD file formats that import into jsut about any video editing and production tool.

Here is a short list of just some of the Video Production platforms you can use Stockocity 2 with to create high quality productions:

    • Explaindio
    • Easysketch Pro
    • Videomaker FX
    • Easy VSL
    • Video Scribe
    • Camtasia
    • VIDGeos
    • PowerPoint
    • Avid
    • ScreenFlow
    • and much much more.


High Quality Ranks Better On Youtube

Millions of videos are uploaded to youtube on a regular basis, as a video marketer or maker your job is getting harder to grab eyeballs and keep them on your videos, one major advantage that Stockocity 2 will give you is the the FHD high quality aspect of the video assets you can use once you get a membership.  Studies have shown as much as 60% of the best ranking content on youtube is done in high quality formats, while no one on the outside of youtube knows exactly how much video quality factors in to the ranking search position of your videos, it is clear that high quality HD videos have the advantage, one you can be without if you want to rank in high positions frequently.

HD Video Backgrounds

In addition to the regular membership content included with Stockocity 2 as of the time of this writing they are also including an added bonus of 240 high quality HD video backgrounds that you can use to jump start your video projects and gain more viewers, this is on top of the video backgrounds already included in the membership so you get this as just more hugh quality assets you can use to make your videos top quality.

Royalty Free Stock Images

Another bonus being offered in addition to the Stockocity 2 regular membership video assets are 1,000 royalty free stock images that can be used on videos, web site pages and all other digital marketing productions. This is just one new edge you get to make your videos, social media, web sites, blogs stand out above and beyond your competition and get the viewers you need to succeed.




New FHD Videos Every Month

The Stockocity 2 membership includes regular updates for 24 months (2 YEARS OF UPDATES!) each and every month for the next two years Stockocity2’s team will add 75 new FHD videos to the collection of video assets you can use on your video productions and create top quality videos, royalty free.  After the 24 months you will still have access to all of the videos already updated but will need a new membership to get access to newer video updates, at the price this is an un beatable royalty free video resource, the competition does not even come close to matching the price.

Designer / Developer Rights

Membership with Stockocity 2 grants you full developer / designer rights, this means you can use the videos in an unlimited way for your designs and productions as well as making videos for clients, the only limitation on the Stockocity2 membership is with regard to selling the videos as royalty free to others, however, they do have a reseller program you can join if you are so inclined and wish to sell from the collection to your customers and clients.  So you can make large amounts of money making videos for clients, making videos for your websites, youtube channels, blogs etc… You can do this as a developer or and a designer for a client, or both, the choice is up to you.

Audio Tracks

No video is complete without a good audio track to back it up, if you’re not going to speak on the video or even if you are, having a good selection of royalty free music tracks is a must to get a high quality video production done and published.  The Stockocity 2 membership comes with a bonus of 240 Royalty Free Music Tracks you can use in your videos.

Who is Stockocity 2 for?

The membership package of high quality FHD royalty free videos you get with StockOcity 2 make it best suited to the Video Creator or marketer that wants access to FHD video backgrounds to use for their videos, their client’s videos but may not have the unlimited budget to buy assets from the major royalty free content brokers that charge an arm and a leg for a 30 second video, you can really save a bundle of money using a collection like Stockocity2 in your video making arsenal.


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