Video Creation Training

Mobile Video Boss

If you have a smartphone, you can be a video boss!

Using your smartphone you can shoot, edit, and publish stunning and professional videos. All you need is a little training to know how, this is where mobile video boss comes in.

Their all in one training program includes:

  • Mobile video tools and theories
  • Professional video shooting
  • Smartphone video editing
  • Stop motion and hyper lapse
  • The beauty of this training program is it teaches you how to get results with the smartphone you already have so you can save huge amounts of money equipment and professional services.

  • Create stunning videos, you never thought can possibly be done on a smartphone
  • Maximize the features of your mobile phone camera app and take control of the looks of your video, like you’re using a DSLR
  • Learn how to frame your shots like a pro and go beyond just selfie videos
  • Edit videos wherever you are, right on your smartphone itself
  • While in the past a marketer or business could get away with ready made videos, in today’s world this is seen as stale and no longer gets the attention needed to really attract buyers, leads, and prospects. You need to up the game with better quality, live action videos.

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